Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday News Day: Recruitment 3.0 - Are You Ready?

This week’s news comes from – one of my favourite websites for articles about recruiting, sourcing, social media & overall HR issues. Whenever I need supporting information about training hiring managers or what’s happening in the market place, this is one of my go-to resources.

This week’s theme:

Recruiting & SOCIAL MEDIA:

 “Facebook’s Tag Suggestions Raise HR Issues”
-          Featured on:
-          Writer:  John Zappe
-          Publishing date: June 14, 2011
-          Link:

This article discusses current flack on Facebook’s facial recognition software & the HR implications. The article quotes that as “84 percent of U.S. recruiters think it is proper to consider personal data posted online when evaluating a candidate” there are huge implications to this new picture tagging.  It comes as no surprise that professors and career counselors are cautioning students about the privacy settings & photos they post on social media sites.  This facial recognition technology is further complicating the problem as people can be “tagged” in photos that are not an actual picture of themselves, yet, a hiring decision may be formed based on such photos.

Read this article as a recruiter for understanding the technology fully. As a candidate, read on to find out the importance in opting out of this feature on Facebook.

 “A Vision for the Future of Recruitment: Recruitment 3.0”
-          Featured on:
-          Writer:  Matthew Jeffery & Amy McKee
-          Publishing date: June 14, 2011
-          Link:

This article is one of the BEST summaries I have seen about the changing recruiting landscape. It states that recruiting is going through a “a fundamental seismic shift... A change that will see many traditional recruiters falling behind and being replaced by new, differently skilled recruiters, ready for the challenges of Recruitment 3.0.”  The global race for talent is reaching new levels & the way to secure that talent is changing. Companies need to focus on the 90% of candidates who are not active job hunters and must use social networking & nontraditional sourcing methods to reach them.  

This is an absolutely fantastic article outlining the current evolutionary landscape that is Recruiting 3.0. It is a great tool for HR managers to educate senior leadership about the changing game called recruiting.

Happy reading! Thoughts on the article about Recruitment 3.0?

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