Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday News Day: Global Campus Recruiting

As per my article on Tuesday of this week, I’m focused on international global recruiting best practices as a theme right now. Despite all of my best searches, the information available online on this topic is shockingly limited. The best article I could find to share is from 2010; however, it does have some strong points that many companies are still not doing half way through 2011 and it is less than 1 year old. Read here for tips & tricks and know I will be working on many more articles on this topic moving forward.

If you have any great articles or resources on global recruiting beset practices, please include them as a comment in the below to share with myself & other readers.

Employment Branding:

 “Global Recruiting in 2010: Trends & Best Practices”
-          Featured on: slideshare  
-          Writer:  Kevin Wheeler
-          Publishing date: Aug 25, 2010
-          Link:

Good webinar with a 5 trends & best practices for global recruiting.  Major trends include globalization = ubiquitous mobility, shortages of key skills, recruiting is internet dependent & recruiting remains local. This article includes good statistics, research & recommendations for any recruiting manager building a campus recruiting program.

Happy reading! Any resources/articles/webinars you can share about global recruiting? What are your challenges? Learnings? Best practices for global recruiting or taking global plans & implementing on a local level?   I would love questions/ideas/thoughts as inspiration for future blog articles.

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