Saturday, October 16, 2010

Personal Social Media Policy

You have heard me talk about how using social media to build a brand – be it a product, employment brand or personal brand - is important. I often speak at conferences that companies are absolutely behind the times if they don’t have a social media policy as they current have no control over what’s happening online and believe me, it is happening!  As an active social media user, I wanted to take the time to review my vision & what my goals are online. I Googled social media policies and used a whole bunch of template to create one that is just all me. I’m not going to give all of my secrets away but will give you a sneak peek!

VISION: My Vision is to use social media to learn online & build my professional expertise through the following values:
-          Knowledge – educational and well thought out information sharing and learning
-          Passion – sharing my personal passion for marketing, talent acquisition, onboarding and employment branding with others
-          Consistency – have a consistent message throughout social mediums
-          Transparency – be transparent and open about my message and my goals
-          Relevant – posting relevant information that others in my space will find interesting
-          Timely – time is relevant to building my following and I need to provide posts that are timely and relevant
-          Integrity – be true to myself through the use of social media & my posts

In my Social Media Policy, I then go on to outline what are my goals, target audience, boundaries & use of each forum (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc).

Do you have a personal policy? Do you make it up on the fly or do you actually have it written down? If you don’t have one, I recommend taking 30 minutes to at least review the social mediums you are using and decide what are your personal boundaries and uses on each.  Good luck! Let me know how it goes!


  1. Chelsea,

    Thanks for writing about this topic.

    It's very interesting to stop and think about how one uses social media. Why we share what we share...why we follow what we do, etc.

    You've inspired me to create my own social media policy and I'm sure that I will add more value in my life, and to the lives of others by doing this!

    Leanne Kallal

  2. Leanne - I will email you my personal social media policy to give you some insights! Thanks for following/reading/comments. Love the support!

    By using social media we put ourselves very "out there" in sharing our ideas, values & thoughts. I think it is very important to do so with a plan as once it's on the internet, it can never be taken back!