Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Will Your Business Card Say in 5 Years?

Having a 5 year plan is important as it gives you purpose & direction. Remember, knowing you have a plan doesn’t mean that you can’t change it!

I was recently asked the question, “What will your business card say in 5 years?” Now is that a thought provoking question or what? It’s a loaded question for sure!

It brings up all sorts of other questions like:
-          What’s important to you?
-          What’s your passion?
-          What role do you want to play?
-          What work-life balance do you want to have?
-          What direction do you want to take?
-          Are you currently heading in the right direction?

I’m still working through this one and don’t think I will have my future business cards laminated any day soon as think this is a question I will visit often.  I’m putting the question back out to you as I think it brings up a concrete goal and target to shape your planning. I hope it’s as thought provoking for you as it was for me!


  1. I love this question and think about it all the time. When you do find the answer, it is pretty fun to see how it looks ;)

  2. Thanks Chelsea for posting this. It reminds that I have to shift my 5 year plan into high gear if I want to make some major progress in this city. I think the key is to remain consistent with your inner values and push for only the best of the best.

  3. Thank you so much to you both for the comments. I found this question to be so thought provoking - hope it does the same for you!